Welcome to Baldpate for a Cure!

This is the official website for Baldpate for a Cure, a charity hike to benefit the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Here you’ll be able to find information about the hike, the mountain, and Tim!

You can also check out a photo gallery, which will be updated throughout the Fall as we prepare for this year’s hike.

Make sure to stop by the donation page and contribute to the amazing work being done at the Cancer Institute. Every penny counts!

If you have questions, or want to talk to Tim, feel free to use this form or email us at baldpate.tim@gmail.com

Happy Hiking!


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3 Responses to Welcome to Baldpate for a Cure!

  1. Kathy and I enjoyed an awesome, long hike up and around the mountain this morning (8/27), Looking forward to seeing all of our friends, family, colleagues and supporters at this year’s hike.


  2. Tim says:

    Greetings all. 🙂 May is melanoma awareness month. The weather has finally turned in our favor, and it’s time to hit the trails, get to the track, ride the bike, whatever you need to do to keep moving. Please remember to wear sunscreen and sun-protective clothing when you’re outside working out, or even when you’re doing those outdoor chores. Have fun! Be safe. Looking forward to seeing you all for our Fourth Annual charity hike on October 6, 2018, to raise money for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.


  3. Hello Everyone! Hope that you and your families all enjoyed and awesome Labor Day holiday weekend. Just 33 days until our Fourth Annual Baldpate for a Cure charity hike. NEW THIS YEAR; we have a “Start Time” of 9:00 am. We’re asking everyone to please gather at either trail head entrance (Fiddlers Creek Road or Pleasant Valley Road) by 8:30 am or so, and then at 9:00 am sharp, we’ll all head off and meet up at the top of the mountain. Please share the news / spread the word. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Baldpate on October 6th.


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